Solutions for Insurance Producers

Enable the power of the industry’s leading multi-carrier licensing & contracting automation system. Streamline & automate your insurance workflows.

SureLC™ – Licensing & Contracting

Solutions for insurance producers

Save precious time by working with an agency subscribing to the nation’s #1 choice in licensing & contracting automation.

Let’s say you need to send someone a payment. Are you going to sit down, make out a check, and send it on its way in a stamped, addressed envelope? Of course not. Because it’s 2017 and it’s easier to log in to your online bank account and digitally send the payment. The same is true for licensing and contracting.
Why take the old, outdated, onerous route, when our technology can spare you the time and hassle?

SureLC™ is the quickest and easiest to use multi-carrier contracting automation system. It is fully synchronized with multiple data-sources giving producers and agencies an automated way to seamlessly perform functions related to licensing, contracting, and appointing producers.

Why you need it

Carriers all ask for the same information on prospective producers: demographic info, licenses, background questions, E&O insurance details, etc.

With SureLC™, it takes a producer an average of 7 minutes to input this information. The producer is then ready to request carrier-contracting paperwork for any of the 460+ different carriers that SureLC™ supports. Approved producers can then use this portal to submit changes, making sure agencies have your most up-to-date information on hand at all times.

Benefits and Features

  • Saves you time by auto-populating your information from third-party sources such as:
    • NIPR
    • LIMRA
    • ClearCert
    • State Licenses
  • Comprehensive transmittals: Includes all requisite transmittal forms for each carrier
  • Automatic updating of all carrier contracting paperwork
  • Imaging: Optical character recognition and image recognition enabling uploaded documents to be recognized and auto-sorted in a matter of seconds
  • 100% paperless
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