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Use the power of the industry’s leading licensing and contracting automation system to streamline agent onboarding and merge business process workflows on a single platform.

SuranceBay Carrier Solutions

Your Customized Workflows, Our Unrivaled Ecosystem


Onboard offers a range of powerful features to help you assess producer compliance issues quickly and efficiently. With rules-based spotlights, configurable background screening, integrated imaging, and automated approval workflows with notifications, you can easily identify compliance issues and take action as needed. Additionally, the platform offers configurable JIT rules that allow you to pend contract requests until new business is received. This “by exception” process can save you time by automating the acceptance of any requirements that meet your rules, freeing you up to focus on compliance issues that require human interaction.


As the provider of the leading automated licensing and contracting system, SureLC™, agencies submit over 80% of the industry’s life and annuity contracting requests to carriers through our ecosystem. Every month, those carriers are burdened with the task of manually entering thousands of new agent contracts into their internal systems. However, by integrating with us, we can help you eliminate waste and errors associated with manual processes.
Our popular DataLink product offers a simple solution to automate the delivery of contracting data to your systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Many carriers have already taken advantage of this direct feed, allowing DataLink to do the work and simplify their processes. Are you ready to benefit from this efficient solution?

SureLC™ One

If you aim to ensure that all of your contract requests are processed through SureLC, then SureLC One is the ideal solution. This single carrier version of SureLC allows small agencies, individual agents, or hybrid distributors to be carrier-sponsored in order to submit contracting requests to you through SureLC.
By using SureLC One, you can effectively expand your reach and increase the number of contract requests that are processed through the SureLC ecosystem.


Our New Business focused service which checks that all compliance requirements are met at the time when business is submitted, Can-Sell features a manage by exception workflow similar to Onboard, and includes in-app messaging to distribution partners requesting that they complete missing requirements.


Compliance+ allows carriers to create, renew, and terminate state appointments, monitor licenses and CE/training, with the option to connect directly to the carrier’s internal management system for automatic contract and appointment terminations. It can also be configured to create policy service alerts upon a producer retirement or license expiration.