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Use the power of the industry’s leading licensing and contracting automation system to streamline agent onboarding and merge business process workflows on a single platform.


Automated Contracting, Licensing, Compliance Monitoring, & More

It’s time to stop wasting valuable bandwidth and capital. Opt for the nation’s #1 choice in licensing & contracting automation.

Why You Need SureLC

When it comes to multi-carrier contracting automation systems, SureLC is the industry standard. And for good reason. No other system makes it easier for agencies to streamline producer contracting than SureLC. With our software, producer profiles only need to be completed once, and their information is automatically applied to designated carrier contracting paperwork. Thanks to the extensive rules and validations built into our SaaS, the heavy lifting is done for you. This includes everything from state license monitoring and upcoming expiration notifications to resident and non-resident state license renewals, plus constant monitoring of producer CE and product training. We even offer a free AML course for all producers using SureLC.

But that’s not all. Our software also includes low-cost E&O insurance available for purchase during contracting, FINRA status integration, fraud monitoring, and adherence to each carrier’s rules in order to eliminate Not In Good Order submissions. And during contract and new business underwriting, our app even provides can-sell analysis to help you make informed decisions. With SureLC, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

The Many (But Not All) Benefits and Features of SureLC

  • State license monitoring and upcoming expiration notifications
  • In-app resident and non-resident state license renewals
  • Constant monitoring of producer CE and product training
  • Background screening integration
  • Free AML course available for all producers in SureLC
  • Low cost E&O available for purchase during contracting
  • Fraud monitoring
  • ClearCert integration: To track Annuity and LTC CE Certification
  • Carrier paperwork quickly updated when new forms are released
  • FINRA status integration
  • Adhering to each carrier’s rules eliminates Not In Good Order submissions
  • Ability to set up and store hierarchies on a per carrier basis
  • Direct integration with many of the top carriers
  • Can-sell analysis in the app during contract & NB underwriting
  • 100% paperless 
e-Signature support
  • So much more!