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March 04, 2022

Standing With Ukraine

BOCA RATON, FL. – March 4, 2022

SURANCEBAY, LLC, the owner of the leading SaaS platform for insurance agent onboarding and compliance, announced its full support of Ukraine.

«What is happening in Ukraine is deeply personal for us. Aggression, invasion, and occupation of Ukraine by the Russian Federation is an unlawful and unconscionable attack on the people of Ukraine. Our staff and colleagues worldwide are united in support of our software developers in Ukraine and their families. We are doing everything possible to assist in their safe relocation out of areas impacted by the hostilities. We thank our U.S.-based team members, who are working tirelessly to ensure consistent service, and thank our customers for their trust and support» — said Victor Rasputnis, Managing Member of SuranceBay.

SuranceBay also announced service-related items:

SuranceBay assures all customers that the war in Ukraine does not and will not affect the functionality and viability of SuranceBay’s SaaS offerings for U.S. Customers. All SuranceBay data centers are located on U.S. soil, and there is no access to data outside these data centers. Overall, SuranceBay is well positioned to continue business as usual, consistent with its customer commitments.

SuranceBay does not provide any services to customers located in Russia or Belarus. SuranceBay does not work for the government nor serves any private entities in these countries. SuranceBay will continue to be in full compliance with all sanctions related to Russia and Belarus and will continue to closely monitor developments in the region.

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