Download SureLC™

SuranceBay — Innovative Insurance Software

Please follow these instructions to download and install SureLC on your desktop computer.

Windows Installation

  1. Make sure you have Adobe Reader (free) or Adobe Acrobat Pro (paid) installed. Only one of these two is required, and it must be set as your default PDF file program.

    Click here to download and install Adobe Reader →
  2. Next, download and install Adobe Air (free).

    Click here to download and install Adobe Air →
  3. To finish up the process, download and install SureLC.

    Click here to download and install SureLC →

MAC Installation

The latest version of macOS introduced some changes that have affected Adobe Air, which SureLC utilizes. A temporary work-around has been detailed below, which should allow you to continue using SureLC on your Apple computer.

Click here for detailed instructions on setting up SureLC on macOS →